Schedule Your Service Appointments Online

Schedule Your Service Appointments Online

There’s no need to wait in lines or hold on the phone. You can now schedule your service appointments online at by clicking on the service tab. You can schedule a time and date that is convenient to you in seconds. Its quick, its easy and you’ll get right in and out.

Construction Season!

Construction Season!

This is Michigan and it seems our state tree is the construction barrel! Northbound Saginaw St. and Grand Blanc Rd. will be down to 1 lane of traffic for approximately 5 weeks starting April 11, 2014. Please be aware of this as you travel through the area! This information is brought to you courtesy of the Al Serra Auto Plaza, visit us at or call us at 888.804.6446.

We Do Not Kid Around With Spring!

We Do Not Kid Around With Spring!

Our April Service specials are no joke! We want you to be completely prepared for the warm weather so you can relax and enjoy it! We will even wash your car for you so that it will sparkle! You can schedule your service appointment online and see our available appointments in real time at or give us a call at 888.804.6446. HAPPY SPRING!

New Subaru + New Bike = HAPPY SPRING!

New Subaru + New Bike = HAPPY SPRING!

We would love the opportunity to show you a brand new Subaru this spring! If you lease or buy a brand new Subaru from Subaru of Grand Blanc we will give you a brand new bicycle to take home and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with! Give us a call at 888.510.0683 for details or stop by HAPPY SPRING!

2015 Subaru Legacy is fresh-faced and more frugal

2015 Subaru Legacy is fresh-faced and more frugal

While Subaru posted its best sales year ever in the United States in 2013, over half of its sales came from the success of the new Forester and popularity of the Outback. Its midsize Legacy sedan, on the other hand, saw sales tumble 10.3 percent. The company known for its all-wheel drive models hopes to right that trajectory with the 2015 Legacy. The all-new sedan sees a slight bump in fuel economy and a commitment to giving buyers a better product to compete against segment stalwarts like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

The refreshed sedan wears Subaru’s new design language, which was teased by the Legacy Concept at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. However, the production version takes the hard, crisp lines down several notches, and it is bordering on boring at first glance. The best detail of the new design is the new hexagonal shield grille at the front that lends a little upscale panache over the current car’s simple, rectangular front end. The coupe-like roofline has also been toned down from the concept, but it does smooth out the rear better than the current gen. Continue reading

Tough winter triggering road salt shortage, price hikes

Tough winter triggering road salt shortage, price hikes

The iconic Morton Salt umbrella girl has warned “When it Rains it Pours” since 1914. The mascot in the yellow dress has had it right for 100 years, and at no time has that been truer than during this year’s incredibly tough winter. There’s been plenty of salt being poured this season, but for municipalities across the country, there might not be enough of it to keep going. The Associated Press is reporting that the weather across the US has been so cold and snowy that road salt is in alarmingly short supply, a situation that has triggered price spikes, rationing, and cities looking for alternative ways to keep their roads clear.

According to the news agency, buying salt right now can be two or three times as costly as it was early in the season. The AP quotes the general manager of Ice Melt Chicago, a salt distributor, as saying, “So the municipalities that could buy bulk salt early in the year at $53 a ton are now paying $130 a ton a week ago … and I heard the prices have gone up to $175 to $180 a ton. It could easily go to $200 a ton or more.”

Many towns around the country are trying to keep a lid on costs by restricting usage to key areas including hills and intersections. Some are mixing what salt they have left with sand, while others are using liquid cheese brine and Beet Heet, processed molasses from sugar beets.

And it’s not just the salt that’s more expensive – with more storms comes more man hours, more overtime, more fuel for plow trucks and more wear and tear on equipment. When it snows, it pours, too.
-Chris Paukert |

News Source: Associated Press

Image Credit: Cosmo1976 via wikicommons CC 3.0